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Backup/Hourly (Temecula Only)

Hourly/Back-up Child Care (Temecula Only)

Temecula’s Kids’ Care Club is unlike any other child care center. Not only does it provide HOURLY child care services for children ages 2 to 5 and 6 to 12, it offers parents flexible and convenient child care WHEN THEY NEED IT. So whether it’s a last minute meeting, dinner and a movie, a doctor or dentist appointment or you need backup child care – we are here for you!!!

The Center offers kids thousands of square feet of nonstop fun, endless arts and crafts, toy-filled play areas, fitness fun, teacher-led group activities and the latest in video and electronic games – all under one roof! It’s much more than child care. A monthly calendar is available at the front desk which includes the daily schedule and upcoming special events. Scheduled art projects throughout the month are listed on the calendar. Please note the schedule of the day’s activities posted at the front desk.

Philosophy of Hourly/Backup Child Care

It is our philosophy at Kids’ Care Club for each child to have a positive experience, enjoy a day of FUN, and to interact with other children their age in a stimulating and healthy environment supervised by our qualified, caring child development professionals.

Hours & Fees

  • Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Friday & Saturday 8:30 AM - 11:00 PM
  • $8.40 per Hour $.50 additional for children under 36 months
  • $5.25 per Hour for additional children in the same family

Learning Program

Our part time Preschool program is designed to build self-confidence and promote curiosity, initiative and love of learning. Our curriculum includes: Pre-Reading and Writing, Math, Science, Story Time, Art, Circle Time, Dramatic Play, Music and Movement. All promoting your child’s intellectual, social and physical development.

Birthday Parties

Birthday party packages are hosted by a Kids’ Care Club Party Hostess. The Hostess is responsible for setting up the party, organizing all activities and all clean up. It's the responsibility of the parent to sit back and enjoy the party. The Hostess is a qualified and experienced teacher, so she knows age-appropriate activities. Some of the activities include: Parachute games, treasure hunt, limbo, toilet paper wrap race, freeze dance, musical chairs, etc. We also do art projects and face painting. All activities and art projects are based on the age of the children.

What to Bring

We provide snacks, meals can be purchased or brought from home. Socks are required for all children. Please bring extra diapers and a clean set of clothes for the younger children.

Movie Night Club

Movie Night (Friday and Saturday) at the Club always begins with a pizza party! Then a feature movie/video that today’s children love most. After the movie, children participate in the endless fun and games planned for the evening! An evening of fun and excitement for everyone.

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We have been thrilled with Kids’ Care Club for 6 years. Our girls’ social and creative development has been enriched and nurtured on a regular basis! They love it and the teachers are GREAT! Holly R.